Ducks, Ducks, and more Ducks! (UBB #2)

This sister loves ducks, swans, birds, and pussy cats (which you know if you have read this blog before)! The annual meeting of the United Benedictine houses in Belgium held every year at one or the other monastery was held this year about 2 hours away from us, via the early morning train — a pleasant ride of watching cows, horses and pastures slip by in the sunny late spring light. We arrived by 9 am for our second cup of coffee and  welcome treats. Last year’s monastery was in the countryside with lovely rolling hills around. This year’s monastery was in the middle of the city which apparently I am told was once the country side but NO MORE. A huge gate was opened and our car slipped through from a very busy city street. Miraculously, in the back was a huge open garden area punctuated with buildings for various uses one of which was a semi auditorium for  meetings. Welcome time was chatting and friendly greetings for all who know each other; as we are different congregations, we meet maybe only once a year so chatting and friendly babbling was prevalent and a wonderful Dutch word or two was sprinkled in the conversation and welcome.

What about the ducks? Yes there is a pool in the garden where a mother duck and her two babies live. Living in a sisters’ garden is definitely the way to go for a duck! Safety is complete. Fear is non existent and Love is everywhere for these creatures. Mama brings her babies to the sisters. The babies eat from the sisters’ hands. I was enthralled; I took 50 some pictures; I loved it so I just kept snapping. St Francis and these sisters have a lot in common! Enjoy the show.

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