Goede Herder

GoodShepherd2Good Shepherd Sunday……such a wonderful image of God watching over his sheep! As wandering as we might be, he loves us and seeks us out and brings us to safety. Psalm 23, one of the most beloved psalms in all Christendom, is chanted in Lauds. In the Eucharist, I was struck by how many good shepherds God sends our way. Our priest is a perfect example; he is a pastoral priest and his gifts are to care for his flock;  every week he carefully guides us toward God and leaves us with something to take home for the week in a short homilie. Short is the key word here…I am always  humbled by how he does that in a page and a half! I sit behind him in the choir so I can see how long the sermon is on paper! Our organist choir director is another good shepherd; he faithfully comes every week to rehearse 6 oldish nuns and helps us when our voices to do not measure up to our hearts. He sings steadily and solidly in church GoodShepherd1 supporting us in both his singing and playing, never really playing over us or at his own speed but matching his support to our need. Quite a feat I have decided! A well-known Belgian soprano singer also comes nearly every week and sings under us or matches her voice strong and steady voice (in her own right) to ours. Then of course, there is our Prioress who faithfully tends this small flock. The community honors her with a flower bedecked staff at her place on this Sunday. Occasionally, our Prioress is away for a day, even overnight and we falter a bit truly like sheep without a shepherd. Surely all of these are goede herders/ good shepherds. Thanks be to God.



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