Resurrection Bouquet

Resurrection Bouquet

For the early months of Spring, stalks of dead looking branches snarled at my window. My window overlooks the cloister pool from the second floor. The wisteria vines climb and wind to the second floor up the brick wall, beginning from ancient woody thick trunks on either side of the first floor doorway.( who knows how old or when the wisteria was planted…. no doubt many moons ago! ).The dead looking stalks longed to bud and burst, first with minuscule, tiny bumps on the stalks and then grWisteriaowing with tight little layered leaves waiting to sprout with first warmth and burst of sun….. then stopping with the cold and rain crouching into the window frame for what I imagined as protection. These ancient trunks produce vines tender and green up by my second floor window each year. Slowly, with the  warmth and sun the lovely trailing lavender wisteria blossoms have burst into bloom….
now every day a natural bouquet welcomes me to my room.  With a slight opening of the French door like windows, the sweet smelling fragrance wafts into my room and overwhelms me as I sit to do my lace making. My room is enveloped with the  heavenly sweet fragrance.

So what does this have to do with Holy Week and Easter? Last evening was a full moon and as I lay in bed looking out my fully moon lit window, I noticed the sashes all formed maxi and mini crosses, eight or ten of them depending on how you looked. Outside on the other side of the crosses was the wisteria, the beautiful sweet smelling resurrection. Easter…. The cross is not the end…. He is risen… He is risen indeed! What a fragrance!


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