Pray and Wait

Pray and Wait

This is Lent and the 40 days when you pray and wait, hoping and trusting for God to change you….whatever the intention or desire of your heart is or an urgent sin that needs healing or recovery. We all have those areas and Lent is a time to poke into those dark corners and let the light of God transform them bringing health and joy. So pray and wait are the watchwords. I have had the opportunity and great blessing now that I know some Dutch to be included in the round of chanting done at Lauds, the first divine office of the day. Fortunately for me, the psalm required is chanted the same every day so I am very familiar after nearly two years. After the psalm, I intone the antiphons and was clearly instructed that I must wait between psalms before I begin the new antiphon and psalm. WAIT! Give people, specifically sisters, a chance to digest the ideas before beginning a new antiphon and psalm. Pray and Wait. I find myself wanting to tear on and not stop to breathe and certainly not give the words time to sink in. If I do breathe,  God’s word does speak to me which is in fact what this is all about! God is well aware of where each of his children is and what they need for the day, certainly for this child He is aware. Today was the second Sunday of Lent and at church for Lauds, the usual bare branches in front of the altar greeted me but this time I thought of the buds on them waiting to bloom. There is a little water in the dish so they are growing bigger in the silence and quiet days. This Sunday morning, surprise of surprises, there was one of the bright yellow merry daffodils from the courtyard tucked among the empty branches. The flower sister had done this for Sunday and I loved it the bright yellow joy of hope amidst the branches. Yes Pray and Wait and God will come! After Lauds, the merry daffodil disappeared, perhaps someone thought it scandalous during Lent but I found it hopeful and was truly blessed.



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