Stilte/Sterke — Silence/Strength

Stilte/Sterke — Silence/Strength

“Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart…but God was not in it. Then came a still small voice.” 1 Kings 19:11-13

StilteLast night was perfect evidence. I had been advised by the weather sister that a strong, strong wind was coming. She was right! The wind was howling and racing through the trees. The window in my room had been blown open and I could hardly open my door to the hall because of the suction. This was a strong wind! The trees as yet leafless swayed mightily in the wind. At dinner, the mighty wind wailed and screeched through the skylight in the refectory. Nonetheless, we sisters braved the courtyard path now piled and scattered with branches large and small released and thrown down from high above in the trees. We arrived to sing our usual compline again accompanied by the cacophony of wind in and around the skylights as we sang the Ave Regina Caelorum. We trudged in return, all heads down, braced against the wind, the last crossing of the night over the courtyard path. Two older sisters huddled together, hoods up, arms locked, clutching each other for steadiness against the mighty wind. Morning light for Lauds brought peace and stillness for which I was surprised and glad as I peeked hesitantly out the door at 7 am. The path was littered with more branches and I stopped to move a few to the side, so later sisters would not trip or get caught in them but the stillness and quiet was welcome! God is as well in the still small of voice of silence as in the mighty roar of the wind. We must be as Elijah in I Kings: “and Elijah heard the voice.”



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