Snow Snow Snow

Snow Snow Snow

My home community is inundated with snow this winter; blizzard to flurries and back to blizzard again with shoveling, raining and thawing in between. No such thing here at the Beguinnage. I have waited for two winters to see snow like on the postcards at the souvenir shop in the plein. The postcards look so pretty with snow on the carriages and over the Beguinnage. I finally got at least a small peek at snow one evening. Another sister and I exited our familiar door for compline and there it was SNOW coming down! Snow was dusting the  white, delicate snowdrops and the daffodil stems poking  through the ground; the growing of the daffodils was interrupted at least for this night. The night was perfect…cold, crisp, clear and filled with beautiful flakes of snow. The  path to the church was pristine, not a single footprint to be seen. Now that was all about to change and we were the first ones to imprint our footsteps on this snow path. I loved it!! I stretched my arms to the heavens in praise and my older sister accomplice laughed along with me enjoying our wonderful discovery of God’s gift and nature. The next day when the snow was all gone, we remembered together and savored our secret memory (like we were accomplices in crime). We had had so much fun the night before walking in the snow and tracing our path to the church. I have my souvenir, although I must admit I would like a bit more snow, maybe for a day or two. My prayer will have to wait for next winter though as the advances of spring are in full march.



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