Laid Aside

Laid Aside

Those of you who have followed my blog at one time or another know of my partiality for the prayer plant in the small convent chapel. The prayer plant adorned my Christmas card this year complete with story and history. The prayer plant had grown so tall before I left Brugge for Christmas that she was drooping  over the altar! Now, the ubiquitous flower sister noticed this. In my absence over Christmas in Italy, this drooping  deemed it unacceptable!

laid-aside-1On my return, the prayer plant had been relegated to the corner. The good news is that the plant has corner walls to lean on as it continues to grow. The bad news is that I can not see it so well as I pray in the first small pew and I worry that she does not have enough light to continue growing. Now I will have to take up my concerns with the God of heaven who cares for all living things.

I mused on being laid aside myself as is the plant and how in the dim light and dark corner, the plant will have to lean on the walls, trust and reach toward the light. Maybe a metaphorical stretch but being an English teacher, I think the plant is sending me a message that  she is all right for now. Laid aside is not so bad and there are times in our lives although we feel laid aside and in the dark, in retrospect we see God had  interior work to which He was busily attending.

Addendum: Since the writing of this blog, the days have been getting longer and it seems there is plenty of light in the corner as a new spouting leaf seems to  attest! Perhaps God heard my prayer.



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