For everything there is a season

For everything there is a season

feb13daffsOn my return from the wintery chill of the Italian mountains, the relative warmth and light air of Belgium were welcome to this hot house sister. Not only was the weather warm but the daffodils in the courtyard were busily poking their green stems through the wet green grass and the muddy dirt (I might add). The daffodils know their season is coming and how beautiful it is; I think back with hope and longing to the beauty of their white and yellow blooms dancing merrily in the warm April breezes. As I reflect on daffodil blossoms, I realize there is a blossoming here at the Beguinnage also. There are new meditation groups coming regularly to the Begijnhof and two Deacons seem to join us on intermittent but regular basis adding male voices to the chanting. Groups of priesters are also coming for prayer one night a month. The last two days hosted students from a Catholic high school in the Nederlands. They were at every service! Then there are the regular lace groups and some of these ladies always join us for services. Another sister from my home community will come for an extended time to learn calligraphy; there is a lot of art history to offer in Brugge and I am anxious to show the art to her in my adopted town.

New life seems to be poking out everywhere not only in the ground and the church but also within the monastery. I await the return of ‘Pelegrina,’ the large tortoise who lives in the cloister: he comes out of hiding near St Benedict’s day — he knows his season is come. There is also the end of the season; we bid goodbye to one of the lovely chickens. There is a bird grip going around and one chicken may have caught it so she will reappear perhaps as a soup. To everything there is a season and hers is finished and she is perhaps even now in ‘Vogel/ Bird’ heaven.
“To everything there is a season and a time to purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1


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