I am constantly amazed at the fruitfulness of the monastery. God is certainly overflowing in wonderful foods from His garden. “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.” Genesis 9:3

walnuts2Walnuts are the newest gift. Apparently, there is a walnut tree that escaped my discovery last year this time. It is behind the chicken house and has rained down its harvest which has been faithfully gathered in, as the happy American thanksgiving hymn states: “All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.” Turkeys and sweet potatoes and pumpkin pies were not a part of my Thanksgiving celebrations this year. Even though there was not Thanksgiving here at the monastery, a basket of delicious walnut nutmeats sat enticingly on our sideboard for consumption anytime during the day. (I do not know if there will be another basket for Christmas.) You must be willing to crack the walnut open and pick out the walnuts1nutmeat which I must admit comes out really easily for the most part. It is amazing to me the naturalness of the fruit. The shell is not hard like the ones so perfectly packaged in the supermarket. Supermarket walnuts grown in cultivation and mass produced  bare little of the freshness and naturalness of these delights from the backyard garden tree. The shell is delicate and easily cracked. I  have enjoyed these nuts either in my granola for breakfast, as a snack with my coffee in mid morning or mid afternoon. I am grateful for these and continue to thank the loving and giving God. I wonder what the garden of Eden must have been like with all those gifts of produce on the trees and in the ground. Maybe we will see one day but then I guess not as there is no eating and drinking in heaven or so the Bible says. We will no longer have these earthly needs of eating and drinking. But for now I enjoy my walnuts!!



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