Luna the Cat

Luna the dog is not the only Luna here at the Begijnhof! There is also a Luna, the cat! Luna lives with her mistress in one of the Beguinage homes in the courtyard; these homes are lived in only by women (no men!, not all elderly, but many are. The Beguines were a movement of women in the 12th century so it is appropriate that still only women can live here in this preserved architectural jewel from the 12th century.

Luna is a slightly overfed tiger kitty and Luna’s mistress is an elderly woman. Luna only ventures out with her mistress either obediently walking on her leash attached to a rather jazzy collar sporting synthetic gems or walking slightly in front of her mistress without a leash. Now Luna is the personification of the proverbial ‘fraidy’ cat. Luna would never dream of escaping in spite of the lack of leash. She would only run back to the open door to the small garden in front of her house. Luna peeks furtively behind herself as she walks and skitters away from any stray tourists in the courtyard. I have tried to make friends but nothing doing! I am too much of an unknown quantity. Now normally I have pictures to accompany my posts on this blog but I have not been able to nab this one. Luna frolics around in the leaves which are everywhere now on the courtyard grounds and stays at a respectable and safe distance from every other living creature including birds and especially humans.


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