Meet Luna, the new dog at the Beguinage — well not quite true, at least not the new dog of the sisters! The presence of Luna is owed to a longtime Beguinage worker who presently works full time at a home for the elderly and only part time at the Begijnhof. The dog/she/Luna is a rescue dog, only 3 months old and tiny. She is a miniature Pinscher I am told, not being a dog afficianado. Luna had a short stay at the home of a an elderly lady, a gift from her son that was not as comforting as first thought at least by the son! It was not love at first sight…so Luna has come to the elderly peoples’ home to be a blessing to those living there, and so far that seems to be a good match. Now in considering the dog, I realized this worker always arrives by shiny black bicycle with black polkadotted saddlebags. So what about Luna???? Turns out for now Luna is coming by auto, but her destiny is the basket on the front of the bicycle! Fortunately Luna is not very big, and everything — a lot more unusual than dogs and children — goes by bicycle in Belgium, where bicycle riding is a national pastime.

Luna is here at the Beguinage twice a week and hardly has the run of the place. She is on a leash with the boundless energy of the young, straining to greet every sister who gives her slightest encouragement. I did of course encourage her which entitled me to dirty feet marks on my habit and jacket. Beware next time! However I am now a known quantity and am treated to a greeting without introduction needed; I am acknowledged as a friend by our four-legged puppy. Our worker handles reservations for the guest house and she was my first contact here at the Beguinage five years ago. My telephone French did not extend to getting the correct spelling of her very Flemish name so I was relegated to writing a letter instead of the speedier email to continue contact! Luna sits most obediently, at least when I saw her, on a pillow on a chair next to her mistress as she does her reservation work for the guest house. I do not know how Luna is faring with the elderly people but I suspect her affection, joy and enthusiasm brings the message of the unconditional love of our Saviour as only His creatures can do.

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