Languages certainly are a chuckle and there are some amusing expressions not the least of which is ‘raining cats and dogs’ in English; English as Second Language learners both love this expression and are confused by it. Kiplekker in Dutch means ‘wonderful.’ Kip in Dutch means chicken and leker is delicious.

The newest addition to the flock of Begijnhof  chickens is white and lays green eggs, or at least does when we find them. One of the sisters’ relatives often presents us with a new live chicken. The chickens produce eggs regularly which we eagerly devour plus the chicken sister is always delighted with a new addition to the flock. So the new all white chicken is unique in that she flies!! (Her wings are not yet clipped although I am told that is on the docket.) Now the ability to fly over the chicken house and area fence engenders a lot of jealousy in the other lovely lady chickens after all they are ladies and they become quite incensed and gaggle loudly when the white chicken simply flies over the barbed wire fence and out into the garden where she freely roams.

Witte Kip‘ meaning white chicken and is what we call her; she is quite clever and does not lay her eggs in the chicken house where all the other ladies deign to lay their eggs. Witte kip has for at least two weeks and maybe three eluded detection. If she is laying eggs where are they?! The chicken sister could not find her nest! Granted there are a lot of places within the chicken grounds behind the fence to choose from. I even stopped to search for the elusive chicken nest one day. Then, we heard at last a delighted squeal from the chicken sister. The Witte kip‘s nest had been discovered and there were 12 green eggs therein not the normal brown ones of the other ladies. Somehow Witte kip had chosen underneath a plastic bag and had settled into quite an undetected spot for egg laying. The problem seems that now several days later she has again chosen to move and must already have installed herself in some other well hidden spot as there are no more eggs in the plastic nest! The chicken sister is again on the prowl – a case for Sherlock Holmes. Witte kip is certainly Kiplekker!

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