Lazy Lace Days #2

The second Lazy Lace Day dawned clear and sunny. No umbrellas and lots of tourists in the plein/square touring the lace displays. I was at my lace pillow bright and early, left for Mass, and returned for the afternoon. Sometimes I think I am getting more practice in my Nederlands speaking than in doing my lace, because of the number of people who stop. Yes, my photo was in the paper, and a nice write-up about the Lace days and the Lace School. I am a good advertisement for the Kantcentrum. The man at the souvenir shop where I buy my postcards and the man at the corner post office and newspaper shop both cut the photo out for me. An American nun in a small Belgian town cannot go unnoticed! The other excitement is the Kantcentrum posted the photo and write up on their Facebook so now one lady exclaimed on seeing me, “Oh, you are the one on Facebook!” Gad zooks!!

Saturday also sunny and warmer, and twenty or twenty five local ladies were installed in the square — all with stands and pillows on the cobblestones doing lace. Hundreds of tourists licking homemade ice creams, munching on Belgian Fries or eating Belgian waffles crowded the square peering at the lace. Inside the Brewery, the lace floors were so crowded the noise was deafening, ladies gaggling, children prattling and doggies on leashes peeking in and around the feet. I frankly do not know how I got any lace done but I did. What I wanted most was a cold drink so off I trucked to the nearby convenience store for a lemonade rather than a beer at the Brewery. Nuns drinking beer while doing lace does not fit the image. I will forego my glass of beer until I have a mussels luncheon. Very popular here are Mussels and Beer.

The next day, I did after all get my Brugse Zot, the local beer made on the premises at the Halve Maan Brewery; the Kantcentrum director came by and gave me a coupon for a Brugse Zot! Now out of courtesy as my Prioress here reassured me, I was obliged to imbibe. Of course I enjoyed and many chuckles were heard at the nearby tables. How would my lace progress after Brugse Zot?!

Husbands, sons and daughters appeared toward the end of the last of the four days to collect the lace makers and all the accompanying paraphernalia, tables, bags, displays, lights, pillows, etc. Some things are the same wherever there are lace makers. There was even one toddler granddaughter, a future lacemaker. I had only around the corner to trek — how nice!

Lace Days repeat themselves every year in August; in 2018 is the 2 week long Brugge World Lace Congress, well worth the trip!! Brugge is a wonderful place for lace!


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