God Knows Us By Name

“…..I have called you by name, you are mine.” Isaiah 43:1
“….. the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Luke 12:7

How incredible and beyond our imagination that God knows us by name and knows exactly what will bless us and what is perfect for us at all times. How is this ….but it is???!!!! On my train trip back to Belgium from the St Benedict pilgrimage in Italy, there were personally tailored blessings in store for me. I boarded my Intercity train in Roma Ostiense station and located my assigned seat, and good thing it was, as every seat was filled and all the overhead racks replete with varied colored, sizes and shapes of overnight suitcases and sacks. Mine luckily could find a spot on the floor between the seats as this nun could never have heaved it up! I settled in for the 3 hour train ride. When I looked up, sunbeams danced off a crystal blue sea. Wow! We were travelling along the coastline. Now this nun loves the seaside, having spent summers of her youth on Cape Cod and when foreign traveling always sought out the warmth and sand of the seaside. I loved it as we passed obvious coastal villages and towns with villas and condos for week ends from the busy streets of Roma scattered around.There were marinas with sailboats and small craft, palm trees and terraced ristorantes. Cruise ships were anchored in the waters out from the towns and barges farther out in the shipping lanes. Sea vistas continued to peek out at various spots between the trees for as long as I looked. Little inlets between steep rocky cliffs gave way to the seaside towns. Azalea trees (not bushes) and colorful hibiscus dotted the coastline as well as stone jetties poking out into the sea. A heart full of praise, love and thankfulness leapt up to God. He knew just what I needed. God is full of surprises. On we rolled mile after mile of beautiful panoramas. My soul rested in peace and the love of God. One of the words of the retreat pilgrimage was “the soul which finds itself loved reaches out and works to return to God some of the immensity of that love in creativity and the arts.” One of the sisters on the trip was found frequently sketching with pad and colored pencil for future creativity. I wish I could paint or draw but alas…my blog will have to do!!

Sadly, I have no photos. For me, the memories and photos are in my heart and memory. For you, you will have to visit the seaside of Italia yourself one day, perhaps also on pilgrimage.


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