Pigeons in the Cloister

In the previous blog, my misstep in the fruit store was recounted. I had fallen and after being tucked into bed, I slept instantly and my ankle was very happy for it. Suddenly, out of a dead sleep (you know how that is), I heard what to me sounded like the kitchen sister shaking freshly washed sheets or hand towels in the cloister below. I roused myself out of bed only to discover it was 6:28 pm — just in time for getting downstairs to supper for which I had an eager appetite. I did reflect momentarily how the kitchen sister rarely if ever shakes hand towels in the cloister, but no matter it had awakened me just in time.

I was carefully and caringly instructed by the Prioress to attend no more services that day and not Lauds in the morning either until we could see if my ankle would recover on its own which it mercifully has. Praise the Lord. Where do the pigeons appear??. I am lying on my bed and I hear the same sound in the cloister. The kitchen sister, at this time 10 minutes after 8 in the evening, is in Compline and definitely NOT shaking sheets and towels. So….what was that sound? I hobbled to the window determined to discover the cause of my awaking an hour before. There were a pair of pigeons flapping their wings mightily and loudly. Ah ha…that was it…God had sent his creatures on an errand to wake me up for supper. I turned from the window somewhat astounded and humbled. Now as supernatural as that sounds, after a pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Benedict, where ravens disposed of poisoned bread and ate from the man of God’s hand, I was quite sure this was possible and in fact probable. The Beguinnage has had 800 years of continuous prayer so the spirit of this ground is definitely conducive to birds, animals and all God’s creatures serving His will. Since this creature (me) has such a loving heavenly Father, why not send another creature to wake her up?


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