I Was Sick

“I was sick and you looked after me….” (Matthew 25:35)

This oldish nun fell in a fresh fruit store buying a peach for her lunch packet on her way to lace school. All went well and I walked the 1/2 hour to Lace School. Maybe not a good idea.

All my questions were answered; the teacher is bringing a book of patterns to give me. She claims it will ease the load on her bookshelf but in any case I am grateful as lace books are expensive.

About half way home, I realized I could hardly walk; every cobblestone step was painful! No swelling was visible, and I had to get home; besides it was going to rain, a likely possibility in Belgium. I could not spend the night on a bench in one of the squares between the centrum and the Begijnhof.

Arriving in time for rosary and vespers, I struggled with the aid of a crutch in the closet to the church. I could sing sitting down; of course, I fancy myself a help when it is only 6 sisters singing. My body was not happy! Toward the end of the service, it was obvious that my smallish sandwich and the infamous piece of fruit did not compare to the usual kitchen sister’s healthy and hearty midday meals served up. I was not sustained and felt dizzy and faint. The last Lord’s Prayer was sung somewhat on my knees. When I made it to the vestry, all the sisters gathered round to care for me. No more services for me until tomorrow and a visit to the hospital if the foot is not improved.

Discussion ensued about ice and hand towels and going to bed! Being a nurse’s aide myself, I asked the kitchen sister for orange juice; now in my home convent that comes easily out of a carton or bottle but then we are 60! The kitchen sister immediately garnered 4 beautiful oranges freshly juiced them for me, serving the juice up in a bowl out of which I was to drink all. The best tasting orange juice I have had in a long time! Body was very happy! The guesthouse sister who has a lovely mothering streak escorted me up the lift and into my bed wrapping my foot and ankle with ice and clean towels and tucking me in if you will. It was a lovely experience. I promptly slept for 1 1\2 hours waking only for supper. I struggled again to supper only to be waited on and served my meal by several sisters making sure I had some of everything which I eagerly devoured. It could have been a steak and I would not have been happier. My plate was taken away, utensils washed and returned to me. Prioress then blessed us all and pointed me to the lift. I guess I was not going to the Tuesday prayers to St Benedict. The handicapped sister then escorted me to the lift giving me her arm and pointing out small steps of which to be aware. She undoubtedly knew them all. I am a long way from home and I might wonder if I am cared about. Absolutely is the answer! God knows where his children are and He sends his servants to heal the sick. Love and care healed me in body and spirit.



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