Sisters Having Fun

Sisters on Ferris wheels, Sisters on sleds in the snow, and Sisters on roller skates adorn amusing Sister calendars. The message: Sisters DO have fun. We are not always in church praying, although we do do a lot of that. That is our job.

A young sister once told me that a man sitting next to her on a plane told her all about his ill family and his needs. “Why would he do that?” she asked me, “I am only 22.”

I replied, “The habit is a sign of faith and trust. He thinks and knows you will pray; you are trustworthy. The age does not matter only the belief.”

He is, of course, correct: we will pray. But back to having fun. At recreation Sisters share and laugh. Here as in my home convent, there are myriad games to be played. In each convent, there is a group who look forward to seriously and assiduously playing Scrabble (in Nederlands and English);,dictionary and paper for point counting lie nearby.  Mostly it is friendly competition although occasionally voices raise. I personally am not a game player: my recreation is lace-making or laughing with the other sisters over duck and kippen (chicken) antics, and it is also a time to have my questions about Belgian culture answered.

Theatre is also a great Sister activity both here and at home. I have a ten-minute presentation due for my now fairly advanced — or at least intermediate — Nederlands class; I am going to be a turkey! Costume required. One sister took me to what I termed the magic closet in the attic where all past costumes and props had been stored. My home Convent has the same magic costume corner, also in the attic. When there is a birthday party at home requiring costumes, Sisters search for something to suit each of our personalities and tastes for ‘dress up.’ I came away from the magic closet with some Mandarin hats which will be transformed into a turkey tail and some red crepe paper for a beak and legs. My beige jacket will suffice for my brown body.  My dress rehearsal will be for the Sisters at recreation time and the final in Nederlands class for a grade. I hope my presentation will be  as good as my costume. Sisters have a lot of Fun!

Sister Fun1Sisters Fun2


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