Ironing at the Béguinage is an art form. My home Convent also specialized in neatly ironed and folded laundry  for some sixty sisters and a variety of guest houses and dining rooms. Laundry can definitely be to the glory of God albeit performed by some sister whose daily work and effort is most likely hidden and known only to God. Here at the Béguinage, we are very environmentally conscientious; we have few paper products, hand towels, handkerchiefs, cloth napkins and rags are the norm are the rule not the exception. These must be neatly folded and ironed. As a child, I was assigned the handkerchiefs, pillowcases and anything else that did not require much skill. My mother was a superb ironer and I never quite measured up always opting for wrinkle free when it was invented. But… there is something wonderful and natural about sun and air dried  linens, perfectly ironed, pristinely folded and delivered to my room. My habit could be a nun itself without me inside; it is so lovely, fresh and wrinkle free. I definitely feel like a bride of Christ when I pop into it on a Sunday morning for Mass. Sundays also bring the change of napkins for the week; the soiled napkins dropping into a blue basket and the new, clean, fresh linen or cotton napkins being carefully laid out beside each dinner place in the refectory. This is love in the little things; I am blessed.


One thought on “Ironing

  1. A kindred spirit! There is something about freshly laundered and ironed linens that is an earthly pleasure hard to surpass. My mother, who worked so hard for us as children, loved to iron, and she passed that love to me. Even today, I will use a handkerchief, look forward to laying my head on a freshly ironed 100% cotton pillow case (hard to find linen!), and savour those times of contemplation, standing at my ironing board. I didn’t think I would find these sentiments expressed in 2016.


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