Holy Trinity Icon

RublevThe Trinity icon was created by the famous Russian iconographer Andrei Rublev in the 15th century. It is one of only two icons that can be attributed definitively to him. The icon is of the three angels who visited Abraham at the Oaks of Mamre, but even in its own times was interpreted widely as the Holy Trinity, symbolizing spiritual unity, peace and harmony, love and humility. I was again at the rest home of the retired sisters, brothers and priests for an overnight stay, and this morning found me in their small intimate chapel gazing at this icon on the wall and watching the meaning of this icon played out in front of me by five priests. Each of the three persons/angels in the icon has his head tilted in deference to the other. This is how at least I imagine — and at least sometimes aspire — to be with each of my sisters. The five priests, all over 80, administered Mass together. Each participated as he was able, helping the other with books, pages, or standing. I have to admit I was blessed by the sweetness and deference to each other that I saw — like the Holy Trinity icon. Later I was told that one priest is losing his hearing, one his memory, and the physical disabilities were obvious, canes and rolling carts, but the bodily infirmities took a very back seat to the sweetness of the spirit and the love in the chapel this morning for a Mass for only 4 sisters and 4 Catholic young people on retreat somewhere in the vicinity. These days of Easter tide repeat the message of the resurrection and give me hope that I too can have this sweetness and deference.


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