The Béguinage courtyard is blanketed in Pasenlelies (daffodils) at all stages of development; lovely yellow perky blooms with graceful greens growing randomly, sheltered by the majestically tall trees and Daffodils1hundreds of buds about to pop open with a little warmer weather. The Pasenlelies may have been tricked into bloom with the earlier warm weather and now with the rain and colder weather (even a gentle frost this morning), they are awaiting the warmth of the sun/Son, spring and Easter, to spring out with more blooms. There are however plenty for in front of the Mary of the Vineyard statue in the vesting quarter.

Daffodils2On one of my treks across the courtyard to the Divine office, I asked another sister the name for daffodils in Nederlands and was given Pasenlelies – literally Easter lilies. Being so struck by the name as harbingers of Easter, I was determined to query my students in English 10 (with whom I Skype classes on a regular basis). The  point of the question was two-fold: to both encourage deeper thought and metaphorical thinking. and to realize that a culture is wrapped up in a language in spite of the fact that I do not teach them a foreign language. Humanities, mercifully, allows a place for all sorts of stray enlightening information. The question was, “What do you think of when you hear the name Pasenlelies for daffodils?” One student responded, “Easter lilies (the white kind), the coming of Easter….” Good! Right on! “….and then the Passion. The Passion of Christ….” Of course, I had not thought of that. Wow! The old teacher adage says, “You learn as much from your students as they from you.” Now, as I pass the jaunty, cheerful Pasenlelies through Lent  I can ponder and consider the Passion and anticipate the Resurrection.



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