Carnival at the Convent

Well New Orleans,Louisiana is not the only one with Carnival! Carnival is a traditional celebration in Catholic countries observed before the  40 days of repentance and prayer known as Lent leading up to Easter.  There are numerous renderings in art of carnival as early as the 1400`s. We sisters at the Beguinage had our own Carnival, thanks to the generosity of the kind and very `handy’ man at the monastery. There were no guests in the guest house, strategically planned by the reservationist so the sisters could celebrate and re-create in the guest house dining room. Our normal recreation time when sisters are not quiet but interact pleasantly would be at dinner. We sisters normally eat in silence so the idea of a congenial dinner time appealed not only to me but to all of us.The guesthouse table was set  invitingly for eight. There were two hibachi like cookers, one at each end surrounded by plates of bitesize meats, delicate pieces of sirloin, miniature chicken breasts, tiny sausages of different varieties, little pork loin and bacon wrapped wurst. There was a breaded something which I could not place but tasted delicious. Dishes of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and lettuce as well as baskets of fresh seed topped rolls of several varieties were in the center of the table.Each of us cooked our own meat choices and sprinkled some of the fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots around our plates for health`s sake and washed it all down with a  wonderfully smooth Trappist beer gifted to us by a priest from one of the many beer making abbeys in Belgium. Wow God is Good! Our own Carnival!


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