Welcome Home

There was ice and snow the day I left my Cape Cod monastery. This nun far prefers the warm Cape Cod summers of her youth. The Béguinage though was waiting for me with  the smell and breath of Spring.

I had faithfully weighed my suitcase on the bathroom scale at home, which claimed it weighed 41.7 pounds. I delightedly carried on until the flight check-in counter in Boston, which pronounced the case 60 pounds! Ten pounds overweight! Hmmm…. The kind supervisor let me through with a red sticker reading HEAVY. Perhaps he thought helping a nun would be to his heavenly credit one day and I surely prayed that it would.

Spring3So as I struggled with my overweight suitcase over the back entrance of the Béguinage and across the monastery gardens to the canal bridge, I saw blooming colorful red and yellow primroses nestled and sheltered by the gate smiling at me. I vowed to tell my American Sister who was collecting primroses from the local supermarket for our dining room windows so to cheer and encourage my home sisters that spring really was coming. Spring was already here at the Béguinage! The day was beautiful, warm and sunny with a blue sky, puffy clouds, and daffodils and snowdrops nodding in the courtyard.

The other Sisters were trekking the courtyard path to Vespers with their heavy coats; I Spring2laughed, shed my coat, gloves and hat and crossed to Vespers in only my sweater, twirling in the warmth of the afternoon sun. I guess I did not care which tourist was looking at the prancing nun so happy was I for the warm weather and the sun. God did truly welcome me back to the Béguinage.






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